Traditional to Southwest style sofa design with high back and curves. This style is designed to stand tall in a room.

Shown as a three seat sofa in a custom leather with hair-on-hide on the bottom rail and front posts.

Available in a Sofa, Sectional, Recliner, Chair, Loveseat and Ottoman.

Customize this style to your liking with Exotic Tooled and Hair-on-Hide Leathers.

Chair Embossed Leather

Four Seat Theatre

LA RA Theater Loveseats Swivel Glider Recliner


Mustang LA Theater LS RA Theater LS

Mustang Loveseat Tooled

Mustang Pie Sectional Croc Yokes

Mustang SGR Tooled 2

Mustang SGR Tooled

Mustang Sectional Croc Yokes

Mustang Sofa Croc 2

Mustang Sofa Croc

Mustang Sofa Lovesat Hair

Mustang Theater N

Mustang Theater Ottoman N

Mustang Theater Side N

Mustang Theater Sofa Croc

Mustang Theater Sofa Embosed

Mustang Theater Sofa WOW

Mustang Theater Sofa

Mustang Zebra Angle

RA Loveseat Wedge LA Loveseat Wedge

Right Arm Loveseat Pie Armless Loveseat Left Arm Chaise

Right Arm Loveseat Pie Left Arm Loveseat Embossed

Slick Rock Designs Mustang Sofa