Old rustic style accented by a curved arm and nail heads. Comes standard with nail heads on the bottom front rail, wings or ears, and the 2 front arm posts.

Available in a Sofa, Sectional, Recliner, Chair, Loveseat, Ottoman and more.

Customize this style to your liking with Exotic Tooled and Hair-on-Hide Leathers.

Austin Big U

Austin Group

Austin Loveseat Hair

Austin Loveseat Tooled

Austin Loveseat

Austin Recliner Hair

Austin Recliner Tooled

Austin Recliner

Austin SGR 2

Austin SGR 3

Austin SGR Croc

Austin SGR Hair 2

Austin SGR Hair Tooled Yoke

Austin SGR Tooled

Austin SGR

Austin Sectional Pie

Austin Sectionals

Austin Sofa Chair Tooled

Austin Sofa Hair On Hide 2

Austin Sofa Hair On Hide Tooled

Austin Sofa Hair On Hide

Austin Sofa Hair

Austin Sofa Tooled Bright

Austin Sofa Tooled Turqouise

Austin Sofa Tooled

Austin Three Seat Sofa Black